A Hard Taste From A Soft Drink Shows Lack Of Customer Service Skills

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Customer service skills can shine in the most unique situations. Unfortunately, many companies fail to understand the need for using their best customer service skills when they are least expected.

Yusry in Dubai wrote: “I had the pleasure of attending a popular cricket match. The event was sponsored by one of the major cola drinks.

“Unfortunately the day was marred by officials refusing to let my wife and me into the grounds. The reason for the refusal was that our carefully prepared bag of food and drink included a bottle that was not the sponsor’s product.

“There were no warnings on our tickets that these products were not allowed. After arguing with the officials for some minutes, we were let into the grounds with our ‘illegal’ bottle of cola. I hope the sponsor realizes that people do not enjoy such bully-boy tactics.”

With a bit of foresight and the application of good customer service skills, this negative experience could have been turned into a very positive moment.

Instead of banning the competitor’s cola, the sponsor should have equipped and trained gate officials to say:

“Since the sponsor is generously supporting this event, may we replace your drinks for you for free? We’ll be pleased to give you two bottles of delicious sponsor cola in exchange for each single bottle you have with you.”

The gate officials would feel prepared and generous. The customers would feel like they’d won an unexpected prize. And everyone would feel better about the sponsor.

Key Learning Point For Customer Service Skills

Life is filled with unique situations. Think ahead. Overcome potential negatives with positive, creative and generous ideas that demonstrate good customer service skills. Don’t leave a bad taste in your customer’s mouth.

Action Steps For Customer Service Skills

What could go wrong with your next project or promotion? Think ahead and plan what you will do to generously set things right using exceptional customer service skills.


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