Customer Service Innovation

Lack Of Integration = Lack Of Customer Service Quality

I purchased a video-conferencing unit to connect my office visually with clients all over the world. To use the equipment I need a high-speed telephone line. “No problem,” I thought, “I’ll just call the telephone […]

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In The Spirit Of Service Honors Exceptional Customer Service Skills

Exceptional customer service skills are not demonstrated every day. When they are, the person who displays them tends to go above and beyond to make a customer very happy. The “Spirit of Service” Award is […]

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Federal Express Sets A Benchmark On How To Improve Customer Experience

Whenever I call Federal Express to arrange an outgoing shipment of Ron Kaufman books, tapes, videos and learning resources, FedEx already knows my name, address and account number … even before I tell them who […]

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Give A Gift That Gives Again To Improve Customer Loyalty

Taking steps to improve customer loyalty is important, but so is growing business. What if there were a way to do both at once? Many companies try to improve customer loyalty with discounts and other […]

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Find & Do Your Own Thing To Improve Customer Satisfaction

In quality manufacturing, speed requires standardization. No wonder Six Sigma, Zero Defects and ISO Certification receive so much time and attention. But in quality service, doing something unusual or eccentric can create a powerful impact. […]

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Is Consensus Sinking Your Culture Change Efforts?

The senior manager of a large organization called me seeking help. “We are stiff and bureaucratic,” he said, “but we want to be more open. We are formal until it hurts but we’d like more […]

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Put Some Stuffing In The Staff Suggestion Box To Find Customer Service Improvement Ideas

Looking for a customer service improvement idea? Here’s how to get your staff suggestion box overflowing with fabulous new ideas. First, move the program online with digital instructions, submissions and replies. Making it more convenient […]

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Push Into The White Space To Improve Customer Service Quality

The world is changing quickly with big rewards for innovators and creators of new value. When your system says “no,” “cannot” or “won’t do it,” that’s a clue to open up for new possibilities and […]

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Improve Customer Satisfaction Through Sales And Service

How often is the Sales team on one side of an organization while Service is on the other? How often does this “divide” lead to the loss of possible sales, more tension between the groups, […]

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The Positive Power Of Competition To Foster Customer Service Improvement

Competition is healthy for inspiring a culture where customer service improvement is valued. Learn to embrace the competition and respond with improvements that better your business. I left my mobile telephone in a taxi and […]

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