Give A Gift That Gives Again To Improve Customer Loyalty

Taking steps to improve customer loyalty is important, but so is growing business. What if there were a way to do both at once?

Many companies try to improve customer loyalty with discounts and other gifts. These may be appreciated, but it can also become expensive and expected.

Here’s another idea that will make your customers happy, boost your business and improve customer loyalty.

Send your existing customers a free coupon for some of your products or your service. But make this voucher valid only when signed by your current customer, and redeemable only by someone who is not (yet) your customer.

What does this accomplish?

Your existing customer gets a valuable gift to share with someone else. Your new customer gets a gift from someone they respect, and a valuable introduction to you. You do something nice for existing customers, get a brand new customer, and find out which of your current customers will help your business grow. This is a great way to improve customer loyalty while expanding the reach of your business.

This simple approach spreads good value and goodwill for everyone.

Key Learning Point To Improve Customer Loyalty

Giving a “free gift” to your existing customers may be appreciated, but may also become expected. Giving them a free gift to share with someone else can be a unique surprise for both. This is a great way to improve loyalty while increasing referrals.

Action Steps To Improve Customer Loyalty

Decide which of your current customers are most valuable to you. It is likely they know others like themselves. Decide what you are willing to give away as an introductory free gift. Then match your customer list with your intended free gift in the “pass it on” manner outlined above. Watch your existing customers smile and your new customers arrive, to the surprise and benefit of all. You’ll improve loyalty and your client base in one stroke.


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