In The Spirit Of Service Honors Exceptional Customer Service Skills

Exceptional customer service skills are not demonstrated every day. When they are, the person who displays them tends to go above and beyond to make a customer very happy.

The “Spirit of Service” Award is given to uniquely deserving teams and individuals who go way beyond the call of duty to serve, aid or comfort the heart of another human being. In short, it is an honor for those who show exceptional customer service skills.

One worthy winner is an unnamed night nurse in the maternity ward of a nearby hospital.

A new father wrote to me with this report about her customer service skills:

“My experience at the hospital was very positive. I was staying over with my wife after the delivery.

One night I had a headache (maybe from the lack of sleep and being a first-time parent). I asked one of the staff for a pain reliever. She gave me a neck rubdown for a few minutes instead! That really made me feel better, and no need for medication. I was impressed that the staff went out of her way to satisfy a ‘customer,’ even when I wasn’t the baby or the mother. Is that good customer service or what?”

You bet it is! Three key characteristics of an “UP Your Service Mindset” are: abundant generosity, genuine compassion and seeing the world from your customer’s point of view. Whoever she is, this night nurse at the hospital clearly demonstrated all three.

Key Learning Point For Customer Service Skills

To offer the spirit of service, look beyond your customer’s request to identify their true concerns. What you can offer may be different, and more effective, than what they have requested. Listen for unspoken needs, not just spoken words to demonstrate exceptional customer service skills.

Action Steps For Customer Service Skills

Extend your care beyond the normal course of action. Serve your customers, and those they love, the way you would love to be served.


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