Customer Service Innovation

Organizational Culture Change Is Never Complete

When there is a desire to change organizational culture, a forward-thinking mindset is essential. By laying out plans for today, tomorrow and a month or a year down the road, positive changes can be implemented […]

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Overcoming The Nasty Pirate To Improve Customer Experience

When service situations go bad, a golden opportunity presents to improve customer experience. If you take the right measures, you can turn lemons into lemonade quite effectively. A great example of a fantastic service recovery […]

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Use Customer Service Leadership To Stand Out From The Crowd

In today’s competitive markets, smart companies strive to “stand out” from others in the crowd. Low pricing is one approach, but it eats away your profit margin. Super-high quality is another approach, but can be […]

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Make A Customer Service Improvement That’s Different

There are many ways for a business to “stand out from the crowd.” One approach is to give your customers more of what they ask for as a customer service improvement. If others are fast, […]

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Develop A Yearning For Learning About Customer Service Quality

Want to learn something and deepen your relationship with others at the same time? Here’s an easy way to do it: 1. Choose a book or current article about customer service quality or any topic […]

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Improve Customer Service Quality With Encounters Of The Third Kind

What makes a company successful over the long, long term? What characterizes the service relationship between companies and customers who do business together for decades, even generations? How can your company stay close to your […]

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Medical Encounters Of The Third Kind Deliver Customer Service Excellence

Dear Mr. Kaufman, I’m a practicing medical doctor. I came across your video playing at the bookstore. I was rooted to the spot for 30 minutes! I bought your book and subscribed to your newsletter. […]

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