Push Into The White Space To Improve Customer Service Quality

The world is changing quickly with big rewards for innovators and creators of new value.

When your system says “no,” “cannot” or “won’t do it,” that’s a clue to open up for new possibilities and new approaches that add new value. Out-of-the-box thinking can improve customer service quality and help your business thrive over the long haul.

Change “cannot” into “How can we?” Transform “no” into “Let’s find a yes.” Convert “won’t do it” into “How should we make this happen?” All of these things bolster service quality, improve your business and give you the mindset necessary for success.

It took days to communicate by mail, so fax machines crossed the divide. But fax machines were bound to a physical location. Now e-mail bridges the gap.

Mothers can’t work and be close to their children? Day care in the workplace solved the problem.

Computers were too bulky to carry? Laptops became notebooks then personal digital assistants to boost customer service quality.

The United States has been upfront as a land of perpetual innovation. “Do your own thing!” “If it isn’t broken, break it!” “Build a better mousetrap!” “Find a better way!” These are keynotes of a culture pushing forward. Think Disneyland, Microsoft, Hollywood, Apple, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Amway, Dell…

Key Learning Point For Customer Service Quality

You don’t need to be American or Asian or European to make this work and improve your customer service quality for the better. You just need to be awake, alert and keen to make improvements that impact customer service quality.

Action Steps For Customer Service Quality

The next time your structure or system says “no,” “cannot,” or “we don’t do it that way,” take another look. Think outside the box. Push into the white spaces that surround you. Don’t be content just doing it right – find a way to do it better and just do it!


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