Customer Service Measurements

Grading Customer Service Excellence

One workshop participant asked this question about grading customer service excellence: “I’m designing a performance measurement system for our in-house technology team and have run into a disagreement with my boss. “He would grade a […]

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The Playful Policy Review To Improve Customer Experience

This bizarre report about the need to improve customer experience arrived from a perturbed customer in Asia: “I wanted to play golf at a prestigious course in town, so I went to the Pro-Shop to […]

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How Hot Are Your Customer Satisfaction Improvements?

A large bank came to me for the first time seeking a big improvement in its retail counter service. They asked me for “customer service training” but also complained about the shallow impact of classroom […]

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No News Is Bad News For Measures To Improve Customer Loyalty!

Many companies treat customer service as a necessary evil, an afterthought, only needed if mistakes and problems arise. This viewpoint is best reflected in the antiquated mindset: “No news is good news!” When it comes […]

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Improve Customer Loyalty The Motorola Way

As an organizational goal, “customer satisfaction” is obsolete. Customers expect satisfaction, and many businesses deliver it. Satisfying customers is not enough to ensure you get their praise and future business. Taking steps to improve customer […]

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Measure Customer Loyalty And Look Into The Future

Taking the time to find out if you’re doing things right in your customers’ eyes is important. Customer satisfaction is essential for success. Taking the time to measure customer loyalty is also important. Building a […]

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Use Customer Service Skills To Bring Complaining Clients Back

When you respond to a customer complaint, what do you hope will happen next? In many cases, the answer is “nothing.” But when you reply and the result is silence, have you genuinely resolved the […]

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Why Quality Assurance Is Not Enough To Improve Customer Loyalty

How can a company produce zero-defect products, boast dramatic cycle-time reductions, be certified for consistent, reliable performance…and still lose valuable customers? Doesn’t the systematic effort to reduce waste, improve yields and streamline processes lead to […]

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Speed Up Turtles To Improve Customer Experience

Taking measures to improve customer experience don’t always have to be obvious to the customer. Sometimes there is a need to improve internal functioning to benefit a company and its employees. A great example of […]

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How Do Your Customer Service Skills Stack Up?

We recently escaped to a fancy resort for a weekend of relaxation, anticipating excellent customer service skills from the staff. In the lobby we were welcomed by a staff member with a clipboard. He asked […]

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