Customer Service Mindset

Create A Customer Service Culture And Leave This Place Better Than You Found It

We live in a customer service culture where each of us is dependent on others for one thing or another. Inasmuch, we all have a responsibility to chip in and add positively to that customer […]

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Nice Work! Well Done! Keep It Up! Words Inspire Customer Service Excellence

Inspiring people to perform at their peak isn’t just the job of “management.” Customers, too, can often set the tone for the service they receive now and in the future. I like to (quickly) thank […]

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Customer Experience Management Demands Grumps Check Their Moods At The Door

Companies invest millions to create, design, fine-tune, build, promote and extend their brands. Think Nike, Virgin, Versace, Raffles, Amazon. All your investment brings customers to your door (or website) with expectations matching your promotional promise. […]

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Inspire Customer Service Improvement With Personal Diamond Awards

The Olympic Games are a global celebration of challenge, performance and achievement. Around the world, viewers thrill to see who takes home the Bronze, Silver and Gold. I enjoy looking deeper, silently granting “Personal Diamond […]

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Lost The Fire For Customer Service Excellence? Time To Retire!

I was flying to the United States when an In-Flight Supervisor recognized me and came over to chat. We spoke about current challenges and how quickly the airline was growing. She lamented that some older […]

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Serving Others? Serve Yourself! Customer Service Quality Depends On It

Have you met service providers who are frustrated, tired or just burnt out? They may look frantic or exhausted. They may sound sad or just plain bored. Their pride in customer service quality has faded […]

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Customer Service Workshop

The lessons behind a good customer service workshop are things we can all stand to learn. When the value of giving is instilled at any age, the rewards in life and at work can be […]

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Listen For The Right Words To Measure Customer Service

You can tell a lot about a company and its commitment to customers in the words employees use. Open your ears and you will find it’s easier to measure customer service levels than you might […]

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Magic Words Improve Customer Experience

There are moments in life when someone says just a few magic words that become powerful beyond the speaker’s imagination. They improve customer experience in a broad sense and can shape lives. Perhaps this has […]

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Be A Better Customer And Get Better Customer Service Quality

When you give a high level of customer service quality, your customers will appreciate you more. But when you give lousy service, your customers can be a pain in the neck. The flip side is […]

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