Disney Dreams Demonstrate Customer Service Excellence

Disneyland puts on an extravaganza of lights, fireworks, characters, and special effects called “Fantasmic” every evening.

In the performance, Mickey Mouse has a dream with all his friends singing and dancing with joy.

As my daughter and I watched, suddenly the dream turned into a nightmare, and many evil characters came to life with raging anger, noise and venom. Fire shot from a huge dragon’s mouth. Real flames blasted across the water.

Everyone in the audience felt the heat!

At the worst, loudest and most angry moment, when I felt most scared and my daughter was gripping me with both her little hands, Mickey appeared center stage and squeaked loudly: “Hey! This is MY dream!”

With a spark from his magic wand he defeated the dragon and blasted the evil characters into submission.

Fear and anger died away, and a huge riverboat steamed around the bend with all the joyful Disney characters on board, waving to the crowd. Fireworks soared and the audience cheered with approval. Brighten shook me with excitement. I cried with appreciation for this magical transformation and life-enhancing performance that demonstrated customer service excellence from beginning to end.

The extravaganza calmed down and the boat sailed away. Fireworks dimmed and all lights shone brightly on Mickey Mouse, high above the crowd. In his most lovable voice he looked out over his customers and friends and said, “Pretty neat imagination, huh? Ha, ha!” And with that he was gone, lights out, the show was over. Magic! Customer service excellence in action!

Brighten and I hugged in delight.

Disney is so good at moving, making and managing emotions, I didn’t even mind the vacuum cleaner they silently attached to my wallet. It was quite full when we went into the park, and altogether empty when we left. Disney runs a magically good business and is famed for customer service excellence, too!

Key Learning Point To Create Customer Service Excellence

Hey, this is YOUR dream! Whatever fantasies, realities, nightmares or delights you may choose, they are YOURS to change, expand, continue or dissolve. With a zap and a spark of your magical imagination and determination, you can defeat the dastardly demons, and bring your favorite character (the best of you) to life. Create your own magic with customer service excellence.

Action Steps To Create Customer Service Excellence

When the heat of hard times is scaring you silly, it’s time to take a stand for the future. Grab the tools of your life and your magnificent imagination, and say out loud, “Hey! This is MY dream!” Then go for it. You can create your own magic and customer service excellence.

Make your life a masterpiece of emotion, affection, appreciation, creativity, generosity, responsibility, enthusiasm and commitment. Live a life you are proud to lead every day – and are happy to share with others. Live a life that fills you up and turns you on. Make this lifetime magic! Customer service excellence is a lesson that applies at work and at home. Take a lesson from Disney and master the art of delivering customer service excellence in your life.


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