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Inspiring people to perform at their peak isn’t just the job of “management.” Customers, too, can often set the tone for the service they receive now and in the future.

I like to (quickly) thank those who give me good service, and (gently) critique those who don’t. Here’s an easy and effective way to do it and even inspire customer service excellence in the process.

I designed and then printed 500,000 laminated, full-color, wallet-sized cards that say: “GOOD JOB! Nice work! Well done! Keep it up!” on one side, and “CHEER UP! A smile costs you nothing, but brightens up everything!” on the other.

There’s a big, bright yellow sun on the “Good Job!” side, and a smaller timid sun peeking out from behind dark clouds on the “Cheer Up!” side.

I took these cards on a recent trip and gave them to immigration officers, taxi drivers, airline cabin crew, room service staff and others. The impact was amazing! Eyes lit up and smiles appeared. Even those who did not speak English got the happy message right away.

Leaving one hotel, I asked the porter, “Have I given you a ‘Good Job!’ card?” He pulled out his wallet quickly. Opening it, he showed me a photograph of his wife and child, with a bright, sunny “Good Job!” card right beside.

Key Learning Point About Customer Service Excellence

People everywhere appreciate recognition. Find a way to acknowledge those who deliver customer service excellence, and raise the spirits of those who need your help. You don’t have to provide therapy, give money or write long letters. A simple “Good Job!” or “Cheer Up!” card will do.

Action Steps For Customer Service Excellence

Visit to see the “Good Job!” and “Cheer Up!” cards. Order yours now – then pass them on! You just might inspire customer service excellence in others.


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