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The Olympic Games are a global celebration of challenge, performance and achievement. Around the world, viewers thrill to see who takes home the Bronze, Silver and Gold.

I enjoy looking deeper, silently granting “Personal Diamond Awards” to anyone who goes faster, higher or longer and achieves a “personal best.”

What would the Olympics be like if we officially included the Personal Diamond Awards?

Imagine an athlete who wins the bronze medal as well as a Personal Diamond. How would that athlete react? How might the audience respond? Would the bronze medalist begrudge the silver or gold medal winners? Not at all. Would the silver and gold winners offer their sincere and heartfelt congratulations? Absolutely.

Imagine an athlete who wins no medal at all, yet still achieves a Personal Diamond. Would he go home beaten and dismayed? Or elated by his achievement? Would his compatriots be disappointed or encouraged?

Imagine an athlete who wins the gold medal with a Personal Diamond performance. How would the audience and athletes respond to that record-setting personal and global achievement?

Now think about your family, your company and your department. How might life around you be enhanced by granting Personal Diamond Awards? Would you see customer service improvement in your workplace?

Would others be inspired by recognition of their “personal best” in service, sales, teamwork, speed or innovation? Would they be more willing, more engaging, or more helpful and encouraging towards others? Of course they would. Customer service improvement would become the norm!

Now think about yourself. What personal bests are you aiming to reach today? Is it focus, attention, commitment, generosity, forgiveness, responsibility or relaxation?

How would you feel about a Personal Diamond Award extended from those who know you well? How would you feel about a Personal Diamond that you recognize and award to yourself?

Key Learning Point To Inspire Customer Service Improvement

We perform in the Olympics of our lives every day. Whatever the field of your endeavor or the circumstances you face, your life deserves your very best. Pinpoint it and enact a customer service improvement today.

Action Steps To Inspire Customer Service Improvement

The next time someone achieves a personal best, acknowledge them with a Personal Diamond Award. They will feel stronger and more committed. You’ll feel terrific, too. Plus, customer service improvement efforts will likely continue.


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