Stretch Yourself To Gain A Hands-On Customer Service Education

Customer service education is a lifelong pursuit that offers lessons on nearly a daily basis. The more you learn to stretch your sense of service, the more you will learn about yourself, your business and your clients.

Before you can gain lessons from daily customer service education provided in your line of work or your life, you have to be willing to stretch a little.

How far does your service go now? And how much farther can you stretch it?

If you serve customers, do you stretch to do it better every day? Are you eager to gain valuable customer service education lessons from colleagues and mentors, seminars, books, websites and a healthy dose of candid customer feedback?

If you provide internal service, do you reach across functional lines, or stay stuck inside your departmental “silo?” Is your communication with colleagues and partners positive, proactive and persistent to round out your customer service education?

If you serve in your community, do you volunteer time and stretch a little more by asking others to join you?

If you serve your family, do you reach out with a higher level of attention and affection every day?

If you serve the planet, are you ecologically aware? Do your actions inspire and educate the neighbors?

If you serve humanity, do you cultivate true compassion, patience, kindness, respect and encouragement of others?

If you serve all life, have you expanded your sense of life itself and your understanding of what it means, being here ‘in service’?

Key Learning Point To Gain A Customer Service Education

Service is a great line of work, and those of us who do it daily are certainly among the fortunate on Earth. You can increase your good fortune, and that of others, by deepening your commitment and expanding the impact of your service every day. When you do so, you’ll gain an education and lots of personal rewards along the way.

Action Steps To Gain A Customer Service Education

Make an extra effort to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your sense of service. Each day, offer a little more than you did yesterday and you’ll gain a customer service education that’s rewarding.


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