Customer Service Partners

Helping Others Succeed To Improve Customer Service

I receive a lot of voice mail. Maybe you do, too. Some folks leave nice and clear messages that are easy to understand. Others seem to be in quite a hurry, especially when they leave […]

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To Improve Customer Service Quality – Tip!

Have you ever experienced lousy service in a restaurant or hotel and wished there was a way to improve customer service quality? Ever had the pain compounded by staff who obviously expect a “tip?” I […]

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Keep Your Suppliers Eager To Deliver Top Notch Customer Service Quality With A 70/30 Split

To keep your suppliers on their toes and keep their customer service quality high, try this smart tip I learned from the Group Purchasing Manager of Asia Pacific Breweries. Whenever he contracts to purchase items […]

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Improve Customer Loyalty And Remember Service Is A Two-Way Street

Hi Ron, I was having trouble with a set of tires I purchased for my automobile. The ride was rough and unacceptable. The store was willing to exchange the tires or give me a refund. […]

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Four Questions To Boost Collaboration And Measure Customer Satisfaction

Building strong partnerships is a “big business” concept. But it doesn’t have to be a big problem. It is fairly easy to measure customer satisfaction to find out what you could be doing better to […]

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Creating Partnership Agreements To Improve Customer Service Quality

Partnerships are essential in our emerging digital age. Small players with good partnerships can grab precious market share from larger, established names and improve customer service quality at the same time. Digital commerce rewards innovation […]

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Cross-Town Collaboration Delivers Customer Service Excellence

Delivering customer service excellence sometimes calls for striking partnerships with other providers. When two entities come together to please mutual customers, the results can be spectacular. One example of collaborative customer service excellence that comes […]

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Customer Service Quality In The Pit Stop Keeps You Winning

While it’s certainly true that frontline people are key drivers in customer service quality, they aren’t solely responsible for winning the race. Don’t forget the power of the “back-end” to bring home a victory! In […]

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Flexibility Slakes A Thirst And Serves To Improve Customer Experience

As the old saying goes, rules are made to be broken. In some cases, just bending them can make all the difference to improve customer experience and enhance business. Graham Harvey, author of “Seducing the […]

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Improve Customer Satisfaction To Gain Credibility

At a recent tourism industry conference, the participants explored how effective partnerships could help boost travel to their region. They, however, overlooked the importance of taking steps to improve customer satisfaction. A long chain of […]

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