Cross-Town Collaboration Delivers Customer Service Excellence

Delivering customer service excellence sometimes calls for striking partnerships with other providers. When two entities come together to please mutual customers, the results can be spectacular.

One example of collaborative customer service excellence that comes to mind is a partnership between the Singapore Post Office and several computer companies. If you have a problem with your Hewlett Packard or IBM product in Singapore, simply take it to the Post Office and they will forward it to the repair center at no charge.

When it’s repaired and ready to collect, the Post Office will return your machine to your home or office, or back to the Post Office location of your choice.

To increase the customer service excellence, you can even pay for repairs at the point of delivery if they’re not covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee.

This is a good example of win–win partnership between technology companies and a government agency resulting in better service for customers like you. The effort benefits everyone one involved and leaves the customer with an excellent impression of all service providers.

Watch for more “cross-border, cross-town” partnerships between government, commerce, education, medicine, neighborhoods, communities and even spiritual institutions as everyone becomes more creative and customer-focused. Collaboration is often key to success in today’s challenging marketplace.

Key Learning Point To Customer Service Excellence

Old boundaries can become open borders for creative cooperation to produce customer service excellence. If working together produces more convenience or value for the customer, then pursue the new partnership with vigor. You have nothing to lose by trying and everything to gain.

Action Steps To Customer Service Excellence

In which industry, agency, association or institution do you work? Which organizations are considered “outside” of your domain? How might you creatively collaborate on behalf of your common customers? What could you do to surprise your clients? What would raise their eyebrows? What would raise your service?


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