Flexibility Slakes A Thirst And Serves To Improve Customer Experience

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As the old saying goes, rules are made to be broken. In some cases, just bending them can make all the difference to improve customer experience and enhance business.

Graham Harvey, author of “Seducing the Vigilante Customer,” told me this story of a general store owner who followed government policy “creatively” to solve a problem, close a sale and create a satisfied, repeat customer. In the process, the store owner was able to improve customer experience to the benefit of all.

“We arrived on a Sunday morning after a long flight and decided a nice cold beer would be in order. The only problem was, beer was not available for sale on Sundays, even though it was on the shelves at the local general store.

“The solution? We combined ingenuity, flexibility (and thirst!) with friendly customer service.

‘“Would it be okay if we took the beer now, but paid for it tomorrow (Monday)?”, we asked.

“The store owner thought, and smiled. Problem solved.”

Graham continued, “As we were staying in self-contained apartments nearby, this was the first of many purchases made at the same store during the week. Result? Happy customers, and healthy profits.”

As this case shows, it doesn’t take a lot to improve customer experience. Sometimes a little flexibility can go a long way.

Key Learning Point To Improve Customer Experience

Flexibility is a virtue in dance, life and service. Bending the rules is not the same as breaking them. When people are willing to serve, policies can often be “adjusted.” The end result may improve customer experience and benefit your business.

Action Steps To Improve Customer Experience

Where can you bend the rules on your customer’s behalf without breaking important regulations? Discuss this with your staff, then empower them to act with creativity, flexibility and authority. Thinking outside of the box doesn’t have to cost your business a dime and it can earn you customer loyalty in return.


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