Improve Customer Satisfaction By Paying Attention To Disneyland’s Magic

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I’m always looking for ways to help people improve customer satisfaction. One of the most effective methods I’ve seen in action came courtesy of Disney.

We spent two days at Disneyland when my daughter, Brighten, was seven years old. I found the entire park to be a well-oiled, emotionally fulfilling enterprise. They do just about everything right to improve customer satisfaction.

I was impressed by the rides, shows and dedicated staff (called “cast members”).

Many cast members wear colorful pins commemorating Disneyland history and lore: Bambi’s birthday, Mickey and his friends, Piglet, Pooh, Beauty and the Beast. On arrival, Brighten was given a lanyard with four identical pins she could trade with any cast member in the park.

Each time Brighten met someone with colorful pins she admired, that person knelt down to meet Brighten at eye-level. With a genuine smile, they said enthusiastically, “Would you like to trade pins with me?” It sounded like the most exciting moment of their lives.

At seven years old, choosing can take time, especially with so many pins to pick from. Brighten never felt rushed to make a choice. And every time a trade was made, the staff gave Brighten a big “Thank you!” and a friendly smile.

I don’t remember which pins Brighten traded. But I will never forget the energy and joy Disneyland staff brought to those precious moments of human contact. They improve customer satisfaction by making an experience “magical.”

Key Learning Point To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Business is not a cold process of swapping services, money and goods. It’s a living, thriving appreciation of the dynamic connection between us.

Action Steps To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Live today with enthusiasm, energy and joy. You are a chosen cast member in the greatest show on earth – your daily life. (And remember, the curtain is always open.) Disneyland makes real magic. You can improve customer satisfaction in the same way.


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