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How To Pay A Powerful Compliment About Customer Service Quality

I received a powerful testimonial from a client. I often receive nice letters after my presentations, but this note stood out as exceptionally genuine, specific and sincere. I read it twice, and that got me […]

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1,500 Puzzle Pieces…Minus One! A Good Customer Service Training Program In Action

Robinson’s Department Store demonstrates just how effective a good customer service training program can be for increasing loyalty. Vincent bought a 1,500-piece jigsaw puzzle from Robinson’s Department Store for his wife. He writes: “After spending […]

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Getting (Dis)Connected Does Nothing For Customer Service Quality

My friend purchased a desktop publishing computer from a major online computer hardware vendor. She ordered the powerful stand-alone workstation configured just the way she wanted, with a large monitor, big hard disk and high-speed […]

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Improve Customer Satisfaction By Paying Attention To Disneyland’s Magic

I’m always looking for ways to help people improve customer satisfaction. One of the most effective methods I’ve seen in action came courtesy of Disney. We spent two days at Disneyland when my daughter, Brighten, […]

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Make Things Easy To Improve Customer Service Quality

I have three complaints and three suggestions in regard to ways you can improve customer service quality. One: I am sick and tired of struggling with badly designed order forms that ask me to write […]

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Effective Customer Service Courses Create Internal Service Partners

“Internal Customer” is a phrase often heard in business and in many a customer service course. Usually this refers to one department (the internal customer) receiving work from another department (the internal supplier). Thanks to […]

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Use Your Customer Service Skills To Excel With A Call Requires Someone Else

Kumarie asked about a common service situation where good customer service skills pay off: “Sometimes we handle calls on behalf of others when they are not around. Occasionally we can only help to a certain […]

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Customer Service Excellence Is A 2-Way Street – It’s Okay To Discriminate

A Financial Times editor in London asked my opinion about systems that automatically route customers to higher or lower levels of service based on the loyalty and profitability of the customer. He didn’t see this […]

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Measure Customer Value And ‘Upgrade’ Those That Don’t Add Up

All over the world I teach people how to serve, surprise and delight their customers – how to keep them coming back for more. But once in a while a client asks, “Should we keep […]

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Are Your Frequent Customers Freeloaders, Scoundrels or Cheats?

Many companies reward their customers with a system for accumulating points with each purchase. These points are redeemable for free products or services in the future. Fly enough on the same airline and you get […]

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