Customer Service Perception Points

You Have Leverage. Use It To Improve Customer Service Quality

I spoke to 1,200 police officers about delivering security and impeccable customer service quality. One officer asked: “In this city there are 3,000 police and more than 3,000,000 members of the public. What difference can […]

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Improve Customer Experience By Losing Lose-Lose Situations

One customer complained when served by a “Trainee” at a five-star hotel. If served by someone not entirely qualified, he wondered, should he pay a less-than-qualified rate? “Trainee” badges are horrendous. They are frequently old […]

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Moments Of Impact Improve Customer Loyalty

In business interactions there are some exchanges that just stand out and have a strong impact that lasts. If you want to improve customer loyalty, moments of truth are important, but it’s those moments of […]

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Give Yourself A Vigorous Visual Audit To Improve Customer Experience

If it’s time to improve customer experience and bolster the impression people have of your company, just open your eyes. The visual impact of your physical location could play a bigger role in customer satisfaction […]

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The Power Of A Pregnant Pause To Improve Customer Satisfaction

The busiest maternity hospital in the world is my client. They were once listed in the Guinness Book of Records for “most babies delivered in one year!” Pregnant women appreciate the slow pace of elevator […]

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The Cheesecake Of Tomorrow Reveals Need For Better Customer Service Training

The art of proper response is an imperative element in a good customer service training program. How staff members handle themselves under pressure can have a huge impact on customer impressions and willingness to patronize […]

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Keeping High Tech, High Touch To Keep Customer Service Skills Sharp

The language of computers may have changed the face of business for the better, but it doesn’t always demonstrate excellent customer service skills. Pay attention to the little details to keep service high. Years ago, […]

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Your Customer Service Quality Is As Good As Your Weakest Link

When it comes to customer service quality, every link in the chain matters. If one is weak, the lasting impressions customers receive might not be as good as they could be. An example of how […]

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“Customers – No…” Mixed Messages Do Not Improve Customer Loyalty

The messages businesses send out to customers can improve customer loyalty or dash all hope. The importance of paying attention to signals sent out is high for companies that want to gain customers and keep […]

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Provide Customer Service Excellence To Those Who Say “No”

Ever worked hard on a proposal and not been awarded the contract? When it happens to me, I say “Thank you. My follow-up notes read like this: “Thank you for the opportunity to get to […]

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