Give Yourself A Vigorous Visual Audit To Improve Customer Experience

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If it’s time to improve customer experience and bolster the impression people have of your company, just open your eyes. The visual impact of your physical location could play a bigger role in customer satisfaction than you think.

The importance of visuals to improve customer experience struck me during a recent visit to my university alma mater in the United States.

This Ivy League institution is a powerhouse of education and research. But you wouldn’t know it from the huge cracks and peeling paint on the walls of the Student Union.

The Student Union is not where traditional academic work is done; it’s not a library or a lab.

But the Student Union is where students sip coffee and read the paper. It’s where prospective students and their parents “take in the atmosphere” and assess the student body. And it’s where alumni go to feel proud of their college days and reconnect with the campus.

Millions are spent annually on research facilities and excellent faculty members, but not enough money is spent on simple maintenance to keep the Student Union looking sharp.

I was embarrassed by the dilapidation and left the campus disappointed think it was time my alma mater took steps to improve customer experience.

Key Learning Point To Improve Customer Experience

Give yourself a vigorous visual audit to improve customer experience. Your customers do it every day.

Action Steps To Improve Customer Experience

What can you do now to improve your visual image? How about: change the toner cartridge in your printer, cut away dead leaves on your office plants, update or remove old items hanging on the walls, find a better place to stash that box gathering dust in the corner, create an e-mail signature that projects a positive image, get a haircut, shine your shoes, throw out whatever is no longer current, replace every light bulb that isn’t working, scrub down the walks and the handrails, put on a fresh coat of paint. Take a look around you. I am sure you can see many more. Every little upgrade can improve customer experience.


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