Keeping High Tech, High Touch To Keep Customer Service Skills Sharp

The language of computers may have changed the face of business for the better, but it doesn’t always demonstrate excellent customer service skills. Pay attention to the little details to keep service high.

Years ago, the popular website at was upgraded to more powerful servers.

The site includes a library of articles about service quality, partnerships and customer-focused culture. You can view these online, or have them sent to you by e-mail autoresponder.

On the old server, requested articles were sent via e-mail from .

On the new server, requested articles were sent from .

This is a tiny difference (robot vs. librarian), but it speaks to a larger issue. You touch my website when you visit and make a request. I don’t want a robot touching you back! This just isn’t the warm, welcoming atmosphere I want to create!

The tug between high tech and high touch in regard to customer service skills is longstanding. In the early days, mainframes exchanged data with “dumb terminals” – okay language for computer techies, but not very friendly for the masses.

When distributed computing expanded to every desktop, it might have been called “core–satellite computing” or “central–local computing.” But someone paid attention, and “client–server computing” was born. People language. Human language. Comfortable language. Greatly improve impression of customer service skills.

Key Learning Point For Customer Service Skills

My friend Cathy sent me a note: “Even though we weren’t friendly before, her page on the high school website made me laugh. We’ve been in e-touch ever since.” Nice touch – e-touch – making technology more human.

Action Steps For Customer Service Skills

When you change customer processes to include more technology and automation, remember that real people use your innovations. It’s already a high tech world. Keep the language high touch and you will demonstrate impeccable customer service skills.


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