Customer Service Perception Points

Beta Isn’t An Excuse For Poor Customer Experience Management

Even during a trial run, customer experience management should be a concern. The importance of this is not lost on software and e-commerce developers who understand the importance of first impressions. I was reminded of […]

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Never On A Sundae: Bend Inflexible Policies For An Instant Customer Service Improvement

Rigid policies that aren’t meant to protect safety or the bottom line can harm customer impressions. For an immediate customer service improvement, consider changing or flexing polices that make little sense. A case in point […]

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Developing An Eye For Detail To Bolster Customer Service Quality

I flew Business Class on one of the world’s largest airlines and found myself in a chair padded for pleasure. Clearly this seat was made to improve customer service quality. This up-to-date seating boasts an […]

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Little Things Can Mean A Lot When Customer Service Improvement Is Needed

Customer service improvement doesn’t always call for sweeping or costly changes. Sometimes, very little touches can go a long way. At the Westin Chosun Hotel in Seoul, Korea, the rooms are not large, but a […]

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Listen To The Language To Sharpen Customer Service Skills

I called an electronics company last week to arrange repair of our television. The automated answering system offered these three options: For Sales, press 1. For Technical Support, press 2. For the Office of Customer […]

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What’s In A Name? A Lot If You Need To Improve Customer Satisfaction Levels

Companies often look at the big-ticket items when they want to improve customer satisfaction. While this is fantastic, the little things also matter. Something as simple as a name can really hurt efforts to improve […]

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Small Steps And Right Directions Improve Customer Service Quality

Dubai International Airport is one of my favorite airports in the world. It’s big, clean and exciting. But in such a terrific environment, little inconveniences stand out and impact customer service quality. Inside this great […]

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Improve Customer Experience With The Words You Choose To Use

I choose words every day. When speaking, writing, requesting and deciding, I use some words and not others. You do, too. The words we choose create meaning and mission in our lives. This became clear […]

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Give Them The 1 Percent For Customer Service Excellence

Customer service excellence sometimes calls for doing things a little differently than normal. Bending rules to deliver can leave a very positive impression. One of my favorite examples of this comes from a time when […]

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Fix Your Perception Points To Improve Customer Service Quality

If you do your job well, your company will prosper and customers will return, right? Not necessarily. It depends on how well your colleagues and teammates do their jobs, too. To improve customer service quality, […]

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