Customer Service Recovery

Diffuse An Exploding Client With Customer Service Excellence

When things go wrong, many customers get upset. Some blow up in anger. The next time your customer is ready to explode, use these five proven steps to sanity and let customer service excellence prevail. […]

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Forgetting Customer Service Skills Puts High Loyalty At Risk

I am a loyal customer. My suppliers help me build my business and enjoy my busy life. I recommend them enthusiastically to others, buy from them repeatedly and rarely challenge them on price. But there […]

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Accident Reactions Say A Lot About Customer Service Quality

Imagine you are the manager of a fast-food service restaurant. A mother comes in for lunch with her young son. Half way through the meal the child knocks his drink on the floor creating a […]

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Settling The ‘Case’ To Improve Customer Experience

I wrestled with a computer manufacturer about a technical issue that required a simple solution. During the process, I made suggestions on how the company could improve customer experience and its procedures. Time dragged on […]

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Turn Provocation Into Pleasure To Improve Customer Experience

I appreciate it when people disagree with me. It shows they are thinking hard and often opens the door to new insights and learning on both sides. Sometimes, though, the other person puts a sting […]

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As Much As Possible, Forgive Them And Let Customer Service Skills Shine

A busy restaurant manager attended my seminar on creating “customer delight.” Soon after, she wrote to me directly, asking this most appropriate question about how to use good customer service skills in a bad situation: […]

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Customer Service Training Should Cover Handling Customer Abuse

Have you ever seen a customer who curses and screams, threatens, bangs the counter and throws things about? I have, and it’s not a pretty sight. An upset customer is understandable. An abusive customer is […]

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Don’t Be A Softie…Squeak To Help Enact A Customer Service Improvement!

I advocate living in an appreciative manner. It spreads goodwill and attracts good service. But wait! I’m not suggesting you simply float in a cloud of good feelings hoping that everyone serves you well. Sometimes […]

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Managing Complaints To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Managing customer complaints is a vital, internal process influencing customer perceptions and the attitudes of your staff. Pay attention to complaints and you can improve customer satisfaction for the better. Is your “complaint management system” […]

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Pain-In-The-Necks Challenge You To Measure Customer Value

Everyone has customers who complain. Complaining customers tell you what you’ve done wrong and how you can improve. If you measure customer value and decide to work to keep them happy, they will keep you […]

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