Customer Service Standards

Get Yourself Spring-Loaded To Experience Customer Service Quality

Customer service quality is a two-way street. When customers set themselves up for an enjoyable experience, they often get it. Doing so is easier than many realize, too. I was inspired to try an experiment […]

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Do ‘Captive Customers’ Deserve Customer Service Excellence?

A government employee questioned whether my service teaching had any value for his department. After all, he reasoned, why bother providing customer service excellence to “captive customers” who have no choice? I’ve got many answers […]

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Stop Looking For The ‘X Factor’ To Improve Customer Satisfaction

When you want to improve customer satisfaction, there isn’t a magic formula for getting the job done. Managers often ask me how to find staff with that “X factor” for great customer service. I say […]

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Peach Pie With Your Scuba-Dive? Improve Customer Experience With A Little Surprise

When you provide your clients with something extra and completely unexpected, the rewards can be fantastic. It’s the small gestures that can really improve customer experience and make your company’s star shine. A truly fantastic […]

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Improve Customer Loyalty By Pointing Out The Better Deal

Have you ever referred a customer somewhere else because you knew they could get a better deal? Sounds crazy, but makes good business sense and will help you improve customer loyalty in the long run. […]

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Meet Elvis, King Of The Road And Customer Service Education Teacher Extraordinaire

Sometimes the best customer service education lessons come from service providers who do all the right things at the right times and in the right ways. One such lesson came to me during a taxi […]

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Measure Customer Value And Respond Accordingly

It is perfectly acceptable for businesses to measure customer value and respond accordingly with extra services for those who stack up. A great example of a fantastic response to a measure of customer value comes […]

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Ikea Turns Common Sense Upside Down To Demonstrate Customer Service Quality

Sometimes it’s the little gestures that make a huge difference in customer service quality. Going above and beyond to help people out on a “rainy day,” for example can make your company shine. A great […]

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Measure Customer Service Needs To Determine How Much Is Too Much?

People often ask, “What level of service should we strive to provide? Should we give ‘Unbelievable!’ service if our customers are not willing to pay for it?” My answer is definitely no! You can measure […]

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Improve Customer Experience At No Extra Charge!

The extra mile doesn’t have to cost an extra dollar for your customer or your company. But going the extra mile can create priceless memories for your customers, goodwill for your company and a fountain […]

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