Stop Looking For The ‘X Factor’ To Improve Customer Satisfaction

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When you want to improve customer satisfaction, there isn’t a magic formula for getting the job done. Managers often ask me how to find staff with that “X factor” for great customer service.

I say stop looking for the X factor. Create it! If you want to improve customer satisfaction, you need to create your own magic to do so.

The receptionist at Hewlett-Packard smiled and asked how she might help. When I told her who I’d come to see, she gave me a visitor’s pass and directions, and a small gift; a packet of “Post-It Notes” praising HP’s recent awards for providing excellent service and support.

I smiled as I accepted the gift. She smiled as she gave it to me. It was a “win” for me to receive the present, and for her to give it away. It’s a big win for HP to have customers and counter staff smiling all day long.

No magic X factor here, just a smart and simple system… implemented with management approval. This little gesture did wonders to improve customer satisfaction and didn’t take a lot of effort to devise.

I visited the showroom of a European car dealer. Walking to the restroom, I saw a dollar coin on the floor. Stooping down to pick it up, I discovered it was glued to the floor.

I stood up and saw the technicians laughing at my expense. I was not the first customer to be caught by their little joke.

What a losing situation! The service technicians show disrespect by laughing at customers every day. This does nothing to improve customer satisfaction!

No lack of X factor here, just a stupid situation to embarrass customers…implemented with management consent.

Key Learning Point To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Make it easy for staff to share that special X factor. Build smart systems to help source and support it.

Action Steps To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Find where your customers may be confused, embarrassed or upset. Fix it. Find where they could be appreciated and delighted. Create it. You can bolster customer satisfaction by taking small steps to create magic.


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