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Improve Customer Experience By Making Juice Available With A Special Broiler Meal

Years ago, I frequented a well-known quick-service restaurant for their Special Broiler Meal, a fast-food lunch of broiled chicken sandwich and french fries. But instead of taking the large cola with the package, I always […]

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Future Sales Are Hiding In Service and Customer Loyalty

At the Repair and Service Center of a well-known technology company, customers are invited to examine and try the latest computers while waiting to collect their current systems. Except for one problem: they don’t have […]

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How To Change Company Culture Using One Shared Voice

My friend Nancy was learning about her international call back service and exchanged e-mail with their office in Seattle. She still had unanswered questions and e-mailed them once again. The same person responded, suggesting that […]

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Feedback Drives Organizational Culture Change

When there is a genuine desire to see organizational culture change occur, feedback from all directions is vital. Gaining input from supervisors, colleagues, subordinates and customers can foster an organizational culture change that’s built on […]

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Get The Sand Out Of The Grease To Improve Customer Experience

The world is racing towards seamless commerce and instant communications. Fast computers and networks provide the grease that can help improve customer experience. But people design the business processes we use. And sometimes, someone puts […]

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The Conference Rate In Los Angeles Does Not Improve Customer Satisfaction

I was making arrangements to attend a conference in Los Angeles, California. As a frequent flyer, I receive award coupons offering a 50% discount from normal hotel rates. I contacted the call center of a […]

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Measure Customer Service Quality For Your Policies

Rules don’t always make sense. If they get in the way when you measure customer service quality, fix them. A great example of the need to measure customer service quality against policies comes from one […]

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Improve Customer Satisfaction Before Your Goodwill Expires

When there’s a need to improve customer satisfaction, looking at policies and procedures is a sound place to start. A great example of why this is so important comes from an acquaintance of mine. Alice’s […]

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Restaurant Policy Does Nothing To Improve Customer Service Quality

Some rules are put in place to improve customer service policy. If they don’t work, however, they can leave customers baffled and even angry. A case of a failed attempt to improve customer service quality […]

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You Don’t Need Customer Service Training To Change Rules That Don’t Work

It shouldn’t take a trip to a customer service training program for companies to identify and alter policies that work against them. When rules are constantly bent, it’s time to do some exploring as to […]

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