Future Sales Are Hiding In Service and Customer Loyalty

At the Repair and Service Center of a well-known technology company, customers are invited to examine and try the latest computers while waiting to collect their current systems.

Except for one problem: they don’t have the latest computers on display!

Managers in the company’s Sales Department have decided their latest products are better off on display only in the Sales Showroom in a completely different building across town. Why?

In the minds of the Sales Managers, the Repair and Service Center is merely a cost center for “after-sales service,” not a vital profit center for generating new business growth.

What an out-of-touch, narrow-minded, wasteful and expensive point of view! This does nothing to improve customer loyalty or capitalize on the benefits service personnel bring to the company.

Think about this: When you purchase a new policy or product, how much do you truly trust the salesperson offering the package?

Do you trust a salesperson from Company A any more than someone you meet from Company B, C or D? Not likely. After all, you know the sale is just the sale. Once your money has moved and the product is in your hands, any future problems will be addressed by the people in Service, not Sales.

On the other hand, if you do have a problem and someone from the Service Center responds quickly and generously to your needs, will you feel a higher level of trust and confidence in that person? For that department? It’s likely that you will and their actions will improve customer loyalty.

Customer Service staff earn your trust and work to improve customer loyalty by appreciating your problems, showing empathy for your frustration, taking action on your behalf and staying in touch with you throughout the process.

If they follow up afterwards to ensure you are well and truly contented, your level of confidence could go sky high to improve customer loyalty.

Smart companies leverage that confidence into new leads, immediate referrals, high-value testimonials, positive word of mouth, increased sales … and growing profits. They understand how to improve customer loyalty and capitalize on it.

Key Learning Point To Improve Customer Loyalty

Strong service systems and well-trained staff will earn your customers’ trust and help you improve customer loyalty. Seize the opportunity you deserve to improve customer loyalty. Build upon that trust – and turn it into sales. It doesn’t matter what you sell: cars, computers, credit cards, insurance or home entertainment systems. Give your service team the tools and training and rewards they need to leverage hard-earned customer confidence into well-deserved and profitable new business.

Action Steps To Improve Customer Loyalty

Review your current structure for generating sales and providing customer service. If they are far apart or separated by opposing “profit center” and “cost center” mindsets, you are leaving precious revenue behind. Get the two connected to improve customer loyalty! After all, what’s more important: protecting your existing structure, or creating more confidence and commerce with your customers?


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