Customer Service Toolset

Take Steps To Improve Customer Service Quality

Kim in Colorado posed this question: “How do you find time to work on customer service when each day is already filled with seemingly impossible to complete tasks?” The answer lies in the difference between […]

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A Customer Service Improvement A Day Keeps The Apple Away

Making the decision to enact a creative customer service improvement is fantastic. Using the wrong presentation or forgetting to follow through, however, can create an awkward situation. An example of a failed customer service improvement […]

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Have You Learned To Savor The Victory To Improve Customer Satisfaction?

Making a living usually means generating an income, closing a sale or turning in a profit. But living a full life also means creating goodwill, opening possibilities and making contributions to others. When you take […]

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Listen To A Customer Experience Consultant: More Is More Than Enough

During the holiday season, and in business generally, we can hear the pursuit of more: more money, more customers, more profits, more food, more clothing, more friends, more time, more more. When is more, enough? […]

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Make Customer Service Improvements That Really Matter To Shape Perfect Lives

We quest to shape our perfect lives. The right job, the right clothes, the right weight, the right car. Then nature intervenes. An earthquake can crush that car completely. Floods and tornadoes slash through communities […]

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