Customer Service Value Dimensions

Improve Customer Experience With The Motto: In Customers We Trust

Showing a little faith in people can improve customer experience greatly. A gesture of kindness, after all, is often remembered for a long time to come. An example of a tremendous effort to improve customer […]

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Measure Customer Satisfaction And Win Word-Of Mouth Recommendations

When you measure customer satisfaction and find it high, capitalize on that fact to promote word-of-mouth advertising. Your satisfied customers are your most valuable assets. A great example that shows how valuable it is to […]

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Use Customer Service Quality To Create Your Own ‘Godiva Moment’

One of the nice things about flying First or Business Class is the little “extras” in the passenger experience: wider seats, soft slippers, interesting magazines, comfortable headphones, etc. On a recent flight, a member of […]

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Magnify Your Customer Service Improvement Efforts

Creating a customer service improvement that is needed by consumers, but wholly unexpected can make your company shine. It’s often the little things that capture the most attention and set one business apart from another. […]

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It’s Not About The Price, It’s About Customer Service Skills

What makes one business stand above another in a highly competitive market? Is it price, or do customer service skills come into play? The latter can set a company apart and make the experience one […]

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Little Things Can Mean A Lot To Provide Customer Service Excellence

There is always a way to deliver customer service excellence. Even when conditions are limited, restricted and confined, service can rise to a level that leaves a strong and positive impression. At the Westin Chosun […]

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Improving Customer Satisfaction Without Breaking The Law

Mary works at the Judicial Branch of the Centralized Infractions Bureau of a major metropolitan area. She enjoys giving her “customers” good service – and is always looking for ways to improve customer satisfaction. “However,” […]

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Create Convenience To Improve Customer Experience

If you travel by air, you know how stringent security can be in airports around the world. Many items previously allowed onboard are now banned, confiscated and, in many cases, discarded by security personnel. Losing […]

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Improve Customer Loyalty And Avoid Competing On Price

I helped a company improve customer loyalty that sells computer disks and hard drives directly to consumers. The global market is flooded with these commodity products, and with companies eager to sell them. They asked […]

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Take Steps To Improve Customer Loyalty – In The Hospital?

Does taking steps to improve customer loyalty make any sense in a hospital setting? Most people try to avoid becoming patients. But bodies do need medical care from time to time. Providing that care to […]

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