Take Steps To Improve Customer Loyalty – In The Hospital?

Does taking steps to improve customer loyalty make any sense in a hospital setting?

Most people try to avoid becoming patients. But bodies do need medical care from time to time.

Providing that care to repeat customers can be profitable for doctors, hospitals and medical centers. But it might be awkward for your doctor to say, “I look forward to seeing you again soon.”

To build a successful practice and improve customer loyalty, every doctor should give a high level of technical care (diagnosis and treatment) coupled with an equally high level of personal care (assurance, education and compassion).

Technical care is essential – no one wants an incompetent doctor. But personal care can make all the difference between one medical service provider and another. This key element can improve customer loyalty.

I visited two dentists for treatment of a troublesome tooth.

Dentist A was highly recommended, but the office was Spartan and the ambiance cold and tense. I quickly forgot his name as the experience did little to develop or improve customer loyalty.

Dr. Peter Tay was also well recommended, but his office was quite a surprise.

I found pleasant surroundings, a vast array of magazines, plenty of educational literature, attractive posters and paintings on the wall. Inspirational music played in the lobby. A range of other music was available for my personal listening pleasure. There was even a pantry with hot and cold drinks and a refrigerator with healthy snacks for light refreshment.

The nurses were genuinely cheerful. The telephone receptionist almost chirped!

And the dentist? Clearly, he enjoys working in this office and believes in taking steps to improve customer loyalty.

When my treatment was finally done, Dr. Tay smiled and said, “I shouldn’t say we look forward to seeing you again soon, but if you ever need our care in the future, you know where to find us.”

He’s right. I’m not keen to go back for similar treatment. But I do get regular check-ups, and every six-month cleanings. And I make many enthusiastic referrals.

All that repeat business goes to the same dentist. Dentist A or Dr. Peter Tay? You can guess which one.

Key Learning Point To Improve Customer Loyalty

If you want to improve customer loyalty , be competent at what you do – that’s essential. But also take the time to be assuring, informative, comforting and kind.

Even in medical situations (emergencies aside) people have a choice about where to go, and who to recommend.

Action Steps To Improve Customer Loyalty

Do all you can to be the best you can in your chosen profession. Improve your skills, raise your standards, upgrade your certification. But also bolster your surroundings, your office and the environment in which you work to improve customer loyalty.

Your skills and space go hand in hand in the eyes, ears and hearts of your customers. Improve customer loyalty by taking steps to show you care.


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