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Creating a customer service improvement that is needed by consumers, but wholly unexpected can make your company shine. It’s often the little things that capture the most attention and set one business apart from another.

Imagine dinner at a romantic restaurant: soft music, candlelight, fine wine. You use a credit card to pay the bill and the waiter brings your receipt.

Can you see those important financial figures on the bottom? Are they large, clear and easy to read? Probably not.

Now what? Do you reach for the magnifying glass you carry routinely in your purse or pocket? Not likely.

Not unless you carry the new “LensCard” from Chase Manhattan Bank. With a magnifying glass built into the corner of the credit card, this innovation gives Chase customers the magnifying power they need exactly when and where they need it; in the restaurant, at the cash register, whenever those financial little numbers mean a lot. This customer service improvement makes Chase stand apart and is appreciated.

Key Learning Point For Customer Service Improvement

Make a customer service improvement to provide your customers what they need, exactly when and where they need it. Do it before anyone else and you’ve got a valuable service innovation.

Action Steps For Customer Service Improvement

Look carefully to find a customer service improvement to make. What would make things easier for your customers? How about these: a handy pen or pencil, a hard writing surface, the correct date or time of day, small change for a machine, a calculator, local map, a dictionary, a mobile telephone, telephone directory, soft, absorbent tissues, instant photograph or photocopy facilities, a non-leak plastic bag, notecards, envelope or postage stamps, packing tape, sturdy string, a twist-tie or rubber band, cutting knife, scissors or a screwdriver?

Whatever it is, provide it now. Making things easier for your customers will make business much better for you.


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