It’s Not About The Price, It’s About Customer Service Skills

What makes one business stand above another in a highly competitive market? Is it price, or do customer service skills come into play? The latter can set a company apart and make the experience one consumers appreciate.

Singapore is known worldwide as a leading center for printing attractive books.

But Singapore has a higher cost base (labor, utilities, rent) than many other cities in the region. In a cost-conscious industry like book publishing, how do these apparent contradictions make sense?

I learned the answer first-hand as the first edition of UP Your Service! went to press. It’s not about the lowest price – it’s all about the service.

The first edition book cover has a four-color print with embossing, spot varnish and two flaps. The printer’s response: “No problem.”

The interior is 100-gram bright-white wood-free paper with digital photos on every page, thread-sewn for greater durability and value. The printer’s response: “No problem.”

The timeline was excruciatingly tight to get books into the stores in time for a scheduled launch. The printer’s response: “Watch me hustle!” (And hustle he did!)

Speed, quality, logistics, flexibility, hustle. In a city where everything moves quickly, convenience and cooperation run high. The ultimate cost to publishers stays low. Customer service skills shine to win customer loyalty and respect.

Key Learning Point For Customer Service Skills

Do you try to win your customers based upon low price? It may not be what they care about most, and not what they’ll remember. Often, it’s not about the price at all; it’s all about the customer service skills.

Action Steps For Customer Service Skills

Instead of working like mad to give the lowest price, work like crazy to improve the quality of your service. Your customer service skills will help you attract customers who value your effort, while earning premium pricing and the profits you rightly deserve.


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