Customer Service Vision

Create A Vision For Your Customer Service Education

During a cold winter season, smart organizations get busy preparing for spring. One way to prepare is to create (or confirm) a clear and motivating vision of what you want to become. Back this vision […]

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100% Is Not Enough To Impress With Customer Service Quality. You Need 120%

When a company reaches the top, does customer service quality still matter? Industry leaders tend to think so. I recently organized a service benchmarking visit to Singapore for 22 Korean sales and service trainers. In […]

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In Challenging Times, Customer Service Quality Matters Most!

As the wind of economic cycles blows hard, some businesses try to contain costs by cutting corners on customer service quality. This is exactly the wrong thing to do, because customer service quality matters now […]

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The Amazing Harvey Mackay Demonstrates Impeccable Customer Service Skills

Harvey Mackay is the author of Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive and other bestsellers. More than 10,000,000 of his books have been purchased around the world. He is also a master of […]

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Pick Words Of Power To Provide Customer Service Training That Lasts

Who wrote your company’s vision, mission and value statements? Was it some long-forgotten committee, or a retired management team, or an advertising agency no longer on the job? In too many organizations, these essential statements […]

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Create A Customer Service Culture To Stand Out In The Crowd

When a business clearly defines its customer service culture in its mission statement, values and goals, great things can happen. The right words inspire, motivate and encourage people to achieve excellence. A great example of […]

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Kodak Offers A Lesson In Defining Customer Service Excellence

What does customer service excellence mean? Is it defined differently from one business to the next? Is there a place customers can look to find out what might define excellence for a specific company? The […]

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Take A Stand For Customer Service Leadership By Using The Right Words

Advanex (formerly Kato Spring) is a global company with head offices in Japan. They make every kind of spring you can imagine, from microscopic chip connectors to monster steel coils for securing aircraft cargo doors. […]

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Australian Service Gets Hopping, But Customer Service Excellence Doesn’t Last

Australia welcomed the world for an Olympic extravaganza in 2000. This international event galvanized the nation to provide customer service excellence. When the Olympics ended, the world went back home. Australians continued serving one another, […]

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Singapore Offers A Lesson In Customer Service Improvement

When there is a desire to enact a customer service improvement, defining the goals can prove vital to the effort. The more clearly defined the goal, the better it can be for all involved. A […]

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