100% Is Not Enough To Impress With Customer Service Quality. You Need 120%

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When a company reaches the top, does customer service quality still matter? Industry leaders tend to think so.

I recently organized a service benchmarking visit to Singapore for 22 Korean sales and service trainers. In seven days we visited 23 leading organizations. A very busy week!

At the Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew Training Center, one visitor asked, “How does Singapore Airlines stay on top all these years? And how do you plan to keep the lead while other airlines work so hard to beat you?”

Senior Vice President, Mr Sim Kay Wee, answered clearly: “100% is not enough. When you reach #1, you need 120%.

“Here’s why: If you fly on a mediocre airline, your service expectation may be only 50%. If the cabin crew is in a better mood, they may actually deliver 65%. Then what is your opinion of the service? It’s up 15%!

“Now if you know Singapore Airlines is #1, what is your expectation of the service? 110%! And if our cabin crew delivers service only at the 100% level, what is your opinion of the service? It’s down 10%!

“This is the challenge of being #1,” he concluded. “If you are in the lead and want to stay there, 100% is not enough. You need every member of the team to give 120%!”

Key Learning Point For Customer Service Quality

If you work hard and smart you may finally reach the top – #1!

And then what? If you want to stay there, you’ve got to work even harder, and smarter! Customer service quality will still matter.

Give it your all. Give it your best. Give it 120% in regard to customer service quality.

Action Steps For Customer Service Quality

Take your best past performance as 100%. What would a 120% customer service quality effort look like? 120% results? Make that your team target for today.


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