Take A Stand For Customer Service Leadership By Using The Right Words

Advanex (formerly Kato Spring) is a global company with head offices in Japan. They make every kind of spring you can imagine, from microscopic chip connectors to monster steel coils for securing aircraft cargo doors.

Paul Kato, grandson of the founder, insists upon vigorous “globalization” – adapting global concepts in local language to impact, educate, motivate and align scores of Advanex teams around the world. He understands the importance of words in regard to customer service leadership.

At their annual Global Leadership Forum, I helped draft key statements for each group. Here are some examples of the statements that were meant to drive customer service leadership:

The Group Mission is open-ended: “Satisfaction-plus network for a better world.” Everyone understands they are part of a larger whole.

The Corporate Office Mission is also unique: “To provide ‘Eureka!”’ How many corporate offices promise and deliver such excitement?

For the Corporate Communications Department: “Free Flowing.” (Their job is to move ideas throughout the network. No congestion here.)

For the factories and offices around the world, the language was selected to arouse local interests and concerns while driving customer service leadership forward.

A few examples:

For Singapore: “It’s Value Time!” (Singaporeans are passionate about gaining value, and saving time. This statement is perfect to drive customer service leadership here.)

For Malaysia: “World Class Team, World Class Results.” (Malaysians are always inspired by achieving “World Class” status.)

For Hong Kong: “Making tomorrow happen today.” (Hong Kong is a key to China’s future, but is committed to real profits right now.)

For England: “Shaping the future with pride.” (From the country that created Rolls Royce, what other articulation could suffice?)

For California: “Create opportunities, increase satisfaction.” (Created for a team of recent immigrants to the United States.)

For Japan: “365-24-7-1.” (The company promises instant availability and immediate response. Get the message?)

Key Learning Point About Customer Service Leadership

Every group and culture is turned on by unique goals and aspirations. This is true of national and ethnic groups as well as specific occupations. The mission of your team should articulate the aspirations and desires of your players to drive customer service leadership forward.

Action Steps About Customer Service Leadership

Review the statements of intention and direction for your company, department and position. Make sure they acknowledge the aspirations and harness the desires of those involved.


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