Improve Customer Experience, Corporate Success By Looking Forward

Past successes are not always enough to bring a company into the future. Looking ahead is essential to improve customer experience and poise an enterprise for what’s to come.

A lesson about the importance of constantly striving ahead to improve customer experience comes from a forward-thinking company. This company understands the value of planning, preparing and embracing the future.

Its senior management retreat was intended to harness commitment for a new corporate vision.

The new vision was big, bold … and essential for success in the rapidly changing world of financial services and solutions.

One senior manager asked if it was necessary to abandon the existing mission statement and core values, which had been nurtured with care for many years and did much to improve customer experience.

The president responded with an eloquent statement of corporate (and personal) responsibility. He said:

“We should honor the past, acknowledging the efforts that have brought us to this place and time.

We would not be enjoying this success without the dedication, imagination and sacrifices made by those in this room and many others.

“At the same time, we have a responsibility to the future. The world is changing quickly. Customers’ needs are evolving more rapidly than ever before. New possibilities and new consequences are unfolding all around us.

“We stand in the present based upon our efforts in the past. Yet we must do what is required to be valuable and relevant in the future. We demonstrate our respect for the past and our commitment to the future by the actions we take here today.”

Key Learning Point To Improve Customer Experience

Success should be recognized and rewarded, but not to the point of righteousness, complacency or arrogance. Nostalgia can be a pleasant hobby, but a dangerous vocation, especially when there is a desire to improve customer experience.

Action Steps To Improve Customer Experience

In which area of your life are you proud of your expertise and achievements? Do you still challenge yourself to improve in that domain? What action can you take today for a more satisfying life tomorrow or to improve customer experience down the road?


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