Singapore Offers A Lesson In Customer Service Improvement

When there is a desire to enact a customer service improvement, defining the goals can prove vital to the effort. The more clearly defined the goal, the better it can be for all involved.

A great example of where words can help push efforts forward comes out of Singapore.

Singapore aspires to be a nation that provides consistently superior service. But the local population faces two fundamental problems that sometimes stand in the way.

First, a fear of losing runs deep within the culture. The local phrase kiasu highlights an urge to acquire more and a hesitation to give anything away. Clearly, this could hamper customer service improvement efforts.

Second, the population has been well trained to follow instructions with precision, but is less certain about taking new risks or innovative actions.

An expression is needed to challenge the nation, set the tone and give a new direction; a rallying cry to aim the country towards generosity and frequent innovation. These are the ingredients necessary for most major customer service improvement efforts.

I have a proposal that just might work, an articulation with national purpose.

You get a little more when you come to Singapore.

This phrase raises the standards and points the way towards continuous and generous customer service improvement.

Key Learning Point To Customer Service Improvement

No challenge is too large to improve, fine-tune or resolve. We can work on the environment, international cooperation, worldwide nutrition, free education, comprehensive medical care, cultural harmony and respect. But we need to know where we’re trying to go. Clear articulation is a guidelight for the future. When there is a need for a customer service improvement, articulate the desired results and take steps to make the goal attainable.

Action Steps To Customer Service Improvement

What aspect of your work or life would you like to change most? Have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. See the challenges that lie before you. Now create the words that show you the way, and take actions to keep moving forward.


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