Tips for Trainers

Ten Ways To Maximize The Impact Of A Customer Service Training Program

Sending staff to a customer service training program is an essential investment in today’s changing and competitive environment. But just sending staff to attend a customer service training program is not enough. You should maximize […]

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Ten Customer Service Skills That Help Launch A Successful Management Retreat

Management retreats are tremendous opportunities to review, assess, align and move your team forward. Get the most out of your next retreat through effective planning, preparation and the employment of customer service skills. These ten […]

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Ten Ways To Leverage A Professional Speaker For A Customer Service Seminar

Hiring a professional speaker for a customer service seminar or other event can be an effective way to raise an issue, educate an audience or drive home a business message. Use these top ten ideas […]

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How To Use ‘Ron Kaufman’s Active Learning Toolbox’ For Customer Service Training

Why are some customer service training programs so dull, and others so full of active participation? What makes one trainer plod along, while another is well-known for bringing energy and effectiveness to each session? Over […]

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Ten Great Reasons To Use A Customer Service Training Game At Your Next Conference

A well-designed, well-delivered customer service training game can get your audience involved with your topic – and with each other. Here are ten great reasons to use a customer service training game or other learning […]

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Customer Service Leadership – Ten Ideas For Successful Team Building Events

Team building can give a powerful boost to the spirit and effectiveness of any group. Well-designed and delivered team building programs can lead your group to a better understanding, clearer alignment and much stronger motivation […]

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Twelve Customer Service Skills To Make Your Corporate Conference More Successful

Planning and conducting a successful corporate conference is an enormous and important task. Huge sums of money are usually invested. Huge amounts of time, too! Here are twelve quick tips that adopt customer service skills […]

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Twelve Top Tips For Delivering Customer Service Training To An International Audience

Delivering customer service training to a worldwide audience can be a minefield of potential errors, missteps and disasters. Whether you have 30 or 300, it is likely that you will face men and women, old […]

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