Measuring ROI

Measuring What Really Matters

How do you know if your service improvement efforts are really working? How can you be sure your service culture development program is achieving greater success? What is the key to successfully Measure the ROI of Customer Service and Customer Experience?

One approach is to measure the ultimate objectives in business including top-line revenue, bottom-line profit, market share, share of wallet, industry reputation, shareholder value, and growth. These can all be easily measured, but they are lagging indicators of success. They can only be tracked and tallied after your service has been delivered.

So what is a leading indicator of your success? One set of valid predictors are your survey and index scores. When customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and employee engagement scores are all improving, your ultimate business objectives will also improve.

And what is a leading indicator of higher survey scores? A consistently large number of compliments and positive comments. When your volume of compliments goes up and number of complaints go down, your survey scores will also improve.

Finally, what must happen for you to receive a compliment about your service? Someone must come up with a new and better service idea, and put that idea into action. So the first measure of success of your service culture is not your profits or scores or even the number of compliments. It is the number of new ideas and action steps that deliver better quality service. These new ideas and actions arise naturally in an uplift in service culture where new thinking about service leads real improvements and greater value.

This is why Uplifting Service recommends that you Measure the ROI of Customer Service and Customer Experience by focusing everyone on the leading indicators of service success. How many new service ideas has your team created this week? How many new actions have you taken for your customers this month? What is your goal for new service improvements this quarter? What new ideas will you put into action today?

Uplifting Service workshops promote practical action steps to deliver a clear return on your service investment. So what do you want to achieve?

“Profit is the applause we receive for the service performances we have already given.”

– Singapore Airlines

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