Measuring ROI

Service Excellence Workshops Deliver Measurable ROI

How Unleashing Unbelievable! Drives Growth

Unleashing Unbelievable! harnesses an infectious spirit of engagement to create and deliver measurable business results. As the implementation and impact of creative service ideas grows in an organization, more and more team members apply what they learn in Service Excellence Workshops to achieve higher levels of innovation, productivity, performance, and profit.

When Unleashing Unbelievable becomes the focus of attention, each team member embarks on a personal mission to take new action that creates more value—for customers, for colleagues, and for the organization.

The source of that new value is service improvement ideas put into action by an empowered individual, and by groups of individuals working in service teams.

Traditionally, the direct effects of service improvement and its return on investment, can be hard to measure. That is not the case with Unleashing Unbelievable. According to our clients’ results, more than 65% of Unbelievable service ideas are quick-wins that do not require additional budget or a time-consuming approval process.

The Why Is Always ROI

The number of service improvement ideas generated and the number of new actions serve as leading indicators for the ultimate delivery of measurable value.

This value can be calculated and applied in five categories:

  • Improved brand reputation,
  • Higher customer satisfaction,
  • More demonstrated customer loyalty,
  • Increased employee engagement, and
  • More effective service relationships between departments and with suppliers.

In each category, KPIs are organized and tracked on the Uplifting Service Leader Dashboard.

For example:

  • New ideas implemented on social media channels will increase interaction with followers and deliver a measurable impact on brand reputation.
  • An idea that saves processing time for customers and solves the source of multiple complaints will produce a measurable impact on customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Ideas implemented to speed and streamline communication between departments and partners will improve internal SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and boost employee morale.

What is the ROI you need to achieve?

What are the most important ROI outcomes you seek to achieve? By when? Let us know and we will share with you client examples that match your situation and demonstrate clear results.

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