Public Event Organizers

We work with a select group of successful Public Event Organizers in major cities around the world. Uplifting Service partners work with local media, clients, sponsors and venues to organize events featuring Ron Kaufman and other Uplifting Service presenters. The “Service Leadership Workshop” is our most frequently organized public event, followed by keynote presentations, workshops and seminars on “Building an Uplifting Service Culture”. Program content is customized to suit the organizations and participants attending, and the local culture. If you are a successful Event Organizer and would like to arrange a public or in-house program, please contact us.

Commissioned Referral Partners

We work with carefully selected Commission Referral Partners in specific geographies and industries. These Uplifting Service partners refer qualified leaders and large organizations with a strong existing commitment to improve service performance, or to differentiate on service. (Uplifting Service works primarily with organizations larger than 1,000 employees.) In the Commission Referral Partners program, our partners are catalysts providing timely enabling introductions. Thereafter, Uplifting Service manages the work of client proposals, implementation roadmap development, and project delivery. A commission is paid to Commissioned Referral Partners for all work we conduct with referred clients over a defined period. If you would like to present to a qualified referral opportunity and participate in the Commission Referral Partners program, please contact us.

Program Delivery Partners

We work with selected Professional Training Organizations that do not already feature service education or service culture development in their portfolio of services. This program is available to well-established commercial organizations serving geographic areas in which we seek to expand. We train and certify our Program Delivery Partners to deliver Uplifting Service courses and coordinate marketing activities for mutual success. Our Program Delivery Partners also receive referrals from Uplifting Service to client opportunities in their geographic area, or to be delivered in their native language. If you represent a qualified Professional Training Organizations and would like to participate in the Delivery Partner Program, please contact us.

Educational Partners

In the Educational Partners program we work with accredited educational institutions who seek to provide their students with a competitive edge through service education. Teaching staff at our Educational Partners are trained and certified to deliver Uplifting Service courses to students prior to their graduation, and to adult learners who participate in the institution’s corporate outreach programs. Alternatively, Educational Partners may manage student registration and enrollments only while Uplifting Service manages actual course delivery. If you represent an accredited institution and would like to participate in the Educational Partners program, please contact us.

Current Uplifting Service Partners

Customer Focus
Program Delivery Partner & Public Event Organizer: Romania

DP Soluciones
Program Delivery Partner & Public Event Organizer: Chile

Program Delivery Partner: Netherlands

Nang Tam Dich Vu PLC 
Program Delivery Partner: Vietnam

Capelle Consulting
Program Delivery Partner: Singapore

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