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Uplifting Service – Transforming the Client Experience

BNP Paribas is one of the world’s largest banks, providing asset servicing, clearing and custody, corporate trust and related services to large financial institutions. Challenges include declining revenues, changing regulations; diverse competition, and client demands for new technology. BNP Paribas recognized the opportunity to use client experience as a differentiator, moving to lead the industry as “the clear best option” for clients and partners.

With a culture of service excellence, the bank could:

  • Understand what customers value and create improved service offerings.
  • Create stronger partnerships and alliances with clients to enhance loyalty
  • Improve service between front and back office.
  • Improve client experience while improving operational efficiency.

Building a globally minded and locally sensitive service culture

The Head of Global Client Services reached out in October 2015 requesting a global initiative to drive service
improvement worldwide, ensuring top quality client experiences across a diverse landscape. A Service Leadership Workshop was conducted for global leaders to align, and a global steering committee was formed to establish core goals and templates for success.

The first regional implementation was launched in Australia with a crossfunctional team of workshop leaders
to customize service excellence tools, lead service excellence workshops, and champion world class service behaviors.

“Uplifting Service addressed the problem we are trying to solve – getting over 10,000 employees to all move in the same direction. Uplifting Service is really good at understanding our challenges and helping us address these by leveraging the methodology. ”

Mark Hillman
Head of Global Client Services

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