Changi Airport

Changi Airport Singapore

Serving over 50 million visitors each year (more than seven times the national population), Singapore’s Changi Airport is one of the busiest in the world, and the first place where millions of visitors make their first and last impressions of this small island nation.

Due to the international influence of the airport’s day-to-day operations, Changi’s management invited service expert Ron Kaufman to help establish a curriculum for impeccable service. Foo Sek Min, Executive V.P. of Airport Management, explains, “Airports are typically stressful places. Our goal is to remove stress. And it doesn’t just happen with people. It must envelop the entire culture.”


With Ron Kaufman and Uplifting Service assistance over the years, the airport has established a “personalized, positively surprising and stress-free” service culture. To passengers, this includes feedback kiosks, numerous gardens, a four-story slide, clean terminals, and efficient, smiling employees from many organizations. Behind the scenes, however, is where one discovers the strong leadership, clear role-modeling, full-staff training and recognition programs that make this airport stand out and this nation shine.


“I really like the ‘rate our service’ concept screens everywhere.”


“This is truly a 5 star experience. Changi sets the standard.”


“Polite and efficient service–everything an airport should aspire to.” 


“Changi Airport is Singapore’s front door to the world. Our service impacts the reputation of our nation.”

Foo Sek Min
Executive VP of Airport Management
Changi Airport

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