Fiji Airways

Fiji’s national airline boasts an ambitious vision: “To be the most desired, most flown, most profitable airline in the South Pacific”.

To achieve this vision, CEO André Viljoen believes that achieving service excellence is imperative for success. The challenge is to consistently deliver delightful service experiences online, over the phone, inside airports, and up in the air. In 2017, Fiji Airways engaged Uplifting Service to help them achieve just that.

Fiji Airways launched this initiative to gain a sustainable competitive advantage through rapid service improvement and a culture of service excellence. This effort included Certification of 42 Internal Workshop Leaders to implement Service Education for employees across all functions, locations, and levels. With the intention for everyone to “Work as ONE to take the Next step UP”, the positive results speak for themselves.


  • The Fiji Airways Group announced its highest ever profit of F$95.8 million for the fiscal year ending 2017, a 13.4% increase over the previous financial year.
  • In 2017, the Group carried 1.6 million passengers compared to 1.4 million the previous year, an increase of 14.3%.
  • The Group measured a stunning 66% decrease in customer complaints.
  • The Group enjoyed a 22% increase in customer compliments.
  • The Group experienced a 74% increase in compliments for Fiji Link, a wholly owned subsidiary domestic airline.
  • 1,384 team members completed Phase 1 of the Uplifting Service culture-building program in 2017.
  • 183 staff were recognized and awarded for ‘Stepping UP’ for customers or colleagues.

“Uplifting Service helps us create a culture of obsession for the customer for the entire organization, inspiring everyone to work as one to take the next step up.”

André Viljoen
CEO and Managing Director

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