FAB (formerly First Gulf Bank)

Facing increased competition and challenges to customer loyalty, FAB launched a service excellence and process improvement initiative called Service First.

The objective was to “unlock possibilities” with consumer and corporate clients. By better understanding customer needs, increasing speed to deliver solutions, enhancing communication, and creating a better customer experience, FAB would “be the first choice” for all banking needs. Four critical areas were identified: Service Leadership, Service Improvement Process, Service Recognition, and Service Education.

Top Executives led a Steering Committee and “Work Stream” teams were formed to address each area. The top 100 Functional leaders met quarterly with Uplifting Service to align direction, understand new brand values, determine improvement targets, and create service improvement tools.

Service Improvement Opportunities

21 Service First Leaders certified to facilitate Uplifting Service education for all staff. Application Workshops supported all business units to target and complete Service Improvement Opportunities (SIOs) with greatest impact on customer experience and bank operations.

FAB has recognized more than 150 major SIOs improving significant customer transactions by increasing efficiencies, creating customer savings, and raising customer satisfaction. Complaints have been reduced, while understanding of complaints, eliminating repeat complaints, and speed to recovery have all increased.

“We can see the change. Complaints are down, processes are improved and everyone is focused on raising the bar of service.”

Zulfiquar Sulaima
Chief Operating Officer

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