NTUC Income


Before partnering with Uplifting Service, Singapore’s NTUC Income was already a multi-billion dollar company and one of the strongest financial institutions in the region. Yet, while Singaporeans found NTUC to be quite trustworthy, they also considered it “rigid” and “old-fashioned.”

Company heads realized that NTUC would have to transform its culture to compete for customer loyalty. CEO Tan Suee Chieh explains, saying, “We wanted to become an icon of service. To achieve this, the company first needed to change customer perceptions.” Soon after, NTUC looked to Ron Kaufman and Uplifting Service to do just that.


Uplifting Service programs soon cascaded to all 1500 staff, while over 40 team members were selected and trained as in-house Uplifting Service Leaders and a Steering Committee was established to form service culture- building activities around “The 12 Building Blocks of Service Culture”. Three years later, NTUC Income successfully shifted customer perception of the company to “flexible, modern and highly professional.” The company also moved from the #3 to #1 market position in sales in 18 months.

“The Uplifting Service programs are an important cornerstone of our practices, our mind set and our actions now and in the years to come.”

Tan Suee Chieh
Chief Executive Officer
NTUC Income

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