A leading distributor and retailer of home appliances and consumer electronics in Mauritius. TheBrandHouse was founded in 2015 from the merger of JM Goupille & Co (1930) and Waterfalls Marketing, owner of the Galaxy retail stores since 1991.

CEO Clovis Wong declared SERVICE a strategic differentiator. The company identified five business activities to benefit from superior service: Retail, B2B, Aftersales, Delivery, and Head Office.

TheBrandHouse partnered with Uplifting Service to implement a service culture program to create alignment for their leadership team on a common service vision and culture building approach.

Going Big, Going Fast

March to October 2016: 350 employees educated on UP principles and tools

April 2016: Strategic building block activities in phases

November 2015: 12 Course Leaders certified to educate and innovate service with quick win improvements

October 2015: CEO and Senior Leaders aligned understanding on service vision and culture building approach

Key outcomes

A common service language adopted

350 employees pledged to always deliver “Desired” level of service

An internal Uplift Facebook page with active membership of more than 70% of employees to share new service initiatives and to reward best ideas

An Executive Committee set up to provide guidance for service improvement evaluation and project implementation

Chat groups with instant messaging platforms to provide timely sharing and implementation of service ideas

Greater customer satisfaction achieved through improved internal communication and team collaboration

“We want to create a company culture we are all proud of and which people talk about. We are at the beginning of the journey and it is exciting to see that everyday we are consolidating the foundations of our service culture.”

Clovis Wong


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