Raising the Bar on Customer Service Excellence

Just two decades after it was founded, Xerox Emirates became a leader in market share and profitability. By 2006, it was a three-time quality award winner known for operational excellence. However, that year, the company committed to do even more.

With an ambitious new goal to double its size in four years, Xerox brought in renowned service expert Ron Kaufman to help. General Manager, Andrew Hurt, explains saying, “We had a strong heritage in customer satisfaction. The big question was how to raise the bar and further improve what we were already doing. Uplifting Service delivered what we needed.”


Ron’s Uplifting Service program became the key pillar in the company’s growth strategy. Using in-house Certified Course Leaders, the program was customized around Xerox’s industry and culture. The results were remarkable. Xerox saw an immediate boost in employee motivation, as well as a 53% Gross Profit Growth and 52% Net Profit Growth. What’s more, Xerox launched an inspired service- recovery project, turning customer complaints into rising satisfaction scores.

“This program generated so many new ideas and opportunities that it was necessary to establish an Uplifting Service task force to prioritize initiatives.”

Andrew Hurt
General Manager
Xerox Emirates

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