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Proven Path to Service Excellence

Business leaders and organizations need a constant and sustainable advantage over their competition to succeed. In every industry, companies face challenges and roadblocks that must be overcome to clear the way for constant profitability and outstanding market reputation.

This video describes how Service Excellence can become your competitive advantage, and points to key problems that must be resolved to build a sustainable culture of service excellence.

The Six Disruptors of Customer Experience

Six big changes are currently disrupting the expectations of customers and the delivery of great customer experiences.

This presentation will give you an insight into each of these Six Disruptors, and will point you towards the skills and the culture you must build to succeed with your customers, your company, and in your career.

The Case for a Culture of Service Excellence

There are two outcomes every CEO and senior business leader must deliver to succeed in the future:

  1. Improve Customer Experience, and
  2. Increase Employee Engagement.

Building a sustainable Culture of Service Excellence delivers both. In this short video, Ron Kaufman explains how and why.

Introduction to The 10 Service Excellence Principles (#1 of 4)

Uplifting Service provides your team with the service excellence principles and workshops you need to continuously improve internal and external service performance. Each workshop emphasizes application to specific service situations ensuring new ideas are generated, new actions are taken, and new value is created.

Introduction to The 12 Building Blocks of Service Culture (#2 of 4)

The 12 Building Blocks of Service Culture shape the environment, experience, and enthusiasm of your team. Working with Uplifting Service, we help you assess your current activities, select areas for improvement, and develop a plan to deliver early “quick-wins” and longer-term sustainable results.

Introduction to The Seven Rules of Service Leadership (#3 of 4)

In our experience working with many of the world’s outstanding organizations, we have discovered seven essential rules successful service leaders always follow. Some leverage the power of one rule more than another. But each of these rules is essential to lead your team to success.

Introduction to The Implementation Roadmap and Service Culture Indicator (#4 of 4)

The Service Culture Implementation Roadmap is a proven methodology to quickly upgrade service performance and build a service culture that grows stronger over time.

The Service Culture Indicator is a digital assessment to evaluate the alignment of your Leadership Team and assess the current strengths and weaknesses of your service culture.

Customer service training or service education. What's the difference?

Customer Service Training requires clear instructions and delivers consistent service. Service Education builds a workforce that can think, decide and act in a variety of service situations.

Fundamental service principles lead to a common service language

Fundamental service principles apply to everyone from leaders to frontline staff. This improves communication between internal and external service providers.

Five essential problems to overcome when building a service culture

Ron discusses five common problems organizations face: training (only), lack of alignment, fragmentation of effort, legacy practices and attitude issues at the top.

Culture Building Block #1: a Common Service Language

When everyone uses a common service language, it becomes much easier for staff to communicate with each other and better for your customers too.

Get better results through alignment of effort, not through greater effort!

You don't have to work harder to build a superior service culture. But you do have to align your efforts to harness the power of what you are already doing.

What is technology's role in providing superior service?

Technology has an essential role to play: liberating people to serve with the kind of creativity, concern and commitment that only humans can provide to one another.

What makes the Uplifting Service approach so effective?

Uplifting Service takes a serious view of the fundamentals and architecture needed to engineer a superior service culture. Ron explains why this works.

Your middle managers can make or break a superior service culture

Why do middle managers deserve so much attention when you build a superior service culture? Because these team members hold a key to your success.

Service culture is not only for retail and hospitality companies. It's for you!

What is the foundation for a sustainable competitive advantage across industries? Ron discusses the impact service culture brings to every B2B and B2C industry.

How do you build and sustain a superior service culture?

Ron explains what it means to "Build a Superior Service Culture", and how this process can become real and effective for your organization.

How can you make the best of your existing culture even stronger?

Building a superior service culture can take the best elements of your existing culture - values, practices and make them even stronger. Customer Service Training Videos and Service Education Videos can help. Watch all the videos on this page to learn more.


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