12 Building Blocks of
Service Culture

Common Service Language

Understood and frequently used by service providers at all levels and in all parts of the organization, a common service language enables clear communication and supports the delivery of superior internal and external service

Engaging Service Vision

Widely embraced and believed, an engaging service vision energizes everyone in the organization. Each person knows how the vision applies to their work and what action to take to make the vision real.

Service Staff Recruitment

Effective recruitment strategies and tactics attract people who support your organization’s vision, and keep out those who may be technically qualified but not aligned with the service spirit and purpose of the organization.

New Staff Orientation

Your service orientation for new staff members is motivating, encouraging and effective. Do new team members feel welcome and inspired to contribute to your service culture?

Service Communications

Service communications inform, educate and motivate the entire organization. Creative communication channels surround everyone with relevant service information, timely customer feedback, uplifting success stories, and current challenges and objectives.

Service Recognition and Rewards

Recognition and rewards motivate your team to celebrate service improvements. Incentives, acknowledgement, prizes, promotions and praise all focus attention and encourage greater service results.

Voice of the Customer

Effective customer contact and feedback systems capture current comments, compliments and complaints. This vital voice of the customer is anticipated and appreciated by every service provider in your organization.

Service Measures and Metrics

Measuring what matters focuses attention and leads to positive results in many areas: market share, profitability, reputation, customer loyalty and satisfaction, employee engagement and performance improvement. Do you understand the measurements to use and pitfalls to avoid?

Service Improvement Process

Continuous service improvement can be everyone’s ongoing project and passion. Engage your team members with workshops, initiatives, contests and suggestion programs that educate, motivate and empower.

Service Recovery and Guarantees

When things go wrong, bounce back! Effective service recovery and guarantees will turn upset customers into loyal advocates and team members into true believers.

Service Benchmarking

Discover and apply best practices of leading organizations inside and outside your industry. Service benchmarking reveals what others do to improve their service, and points to new ways you can upgrade yours.

Service Role Modeling

Everyone is watching. Everyone is a service role model. Do your leaders, managers and front line staff consistently provide superior service to customers and to each other?


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