Keynote Speeches and Presentations

UP Keynote Speeches and Presentations will educate and motivate every member of your service team. Each participant will be inspired to step UP to deliver new levels of internal and external service.

"Ron is truly passionate about educating others on uplifting service and really opened our eyes to the little things we can change in our approaches that add tremendous value to ourselves and others."
Sandra Leung Li

Featured Speakers

Ron Kaufman

Ron Kaufman

Ron Kaufman is the world’s leading educator and motivator for uplifting customer service and building service cultures. His energetic keynote speeches and workshops have inspired millions.

He is author of the New York Times and USA Today bestseller, “Uplifting Service! The Proven Path to Delighting Your Customers, Colleagues and Everyone Else You Meet” and 14 other books on service, business and inspiration. In 2018 and 2019, GlobalGurus rated Ron the #1 customer service guru in the world.

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Shyam Kumar

Shyam Kumar

Shyam Kumar is the Managing Partner of Uplifting Service. In this role he is responsible for overall business development and client satisfaction worldwide.

Shyam works closely with the Board of Directors to set strategy, supports the global team in execution, and collaborates with key clients to ensure their success in improving service performance and building strong service cultures.

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Jeff Eilertsen

Jeff Eilertsen

Jeff Eilertsen leads the Client Success team for Uplifting Service, bringing 25 years of experience working in organizational and leadership development firms.

As a consultant and global master trainer, he ensures the successful implementation of the Uplifting Service Implementation Roadmap, working with clients to develop the people, processes and best practices to build a service culture.

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Linda Tan

Linda Tan-Spicer

Linda Tan is driven by a passion for service. She enables leaders and organizations to quickly improve service performance through design and delivery of actionable service education programs.

Prior to joining Uplifting Service, Linda helped companies optimize human performance by developing strategies to ensure application of new learning in the workplace.

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Palak Pandey-Mhasde

Palak Mhasde exudes service and is passionate about training and educating people to deliver better service. As a facilitator of Service Excellence Workshops, she creates a memorable and uplifting experience, energizing each participant to improve their service performance. Her enthusiasm in sharing global best practices combined with real-life experiences make each session engaging and effective.

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Robert MacPhee

Robert MacPhee

Since 2015, Robert MacPhee has been working with Uplifting Service to deliver service excellence and service leadership workshops for clients across a range of industries.

Combining his passion for service with deep experience in learning, performance, leadership, and cultural change, Robert helps organizations improve productivity, profitability, and customer and employee satisfaction. He helps leaders create the results they need, and the experience of life they truly want, in a world of constant challenges and change. He helps leaders create the results they need, and the experience of life they truly want, in a world of constant challenges and change.

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"I have never seen anyone put so much valuable information in such a short period of time and do it so delightfully."
Paul Snider
Program Committee Chair
Harvard Business School Alumni Association

Speech Topics

Service Keynote

Providing superior service is essential to continued success in a competitive world. But too many executives still regard service as “the fuzzy stuff” – they don’t know how to measure, manage or make it happen on a companywide scale. Watch and learn specific action steps you can take to fly over customers’ rising expectations and immediately improve the quality of service delivered at all levels of the company.

Service Keynote: PDF Download

Leadership Keynote

The driving force of a service-focused culture is a group of inspired leaders who are convinced of, and committed to, the long-term value of service excellence. Learn how the leadership team can build the alignment needed to embrace a common service vision and the actions required to make that vision a reality.

Leadership Keynote: PDF Download

Culture Keynote

Organizations with a powerful service reputation and a superior service culture attract and retain the best talent, achieve market leadership and enjoy sustainable success. See why some organizations succeed beautifully while others fail miserably. Find out what works, what doesn’t, what your organization should do, and what you must avoid.

Culture Keynote: PDF Download

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"The effects of the Uplifting Service program have been transformative.
Our team members take greater pride in what they do,
and customer response has never been better."

Julian Hagger
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

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