The Uplifting Service Architecture

The Uplifting Service architecture for building a service culture includes three key components:

Service Leadership

Effective leadership is essential to succeed in building a service culture. Uplifting Service engages and guides your leadership team members to ensure:

  • A shared service vision that drives all culture building activities.
  • Clarity on results, priorities and measures of success.
  • Active involvement and support from middle managers.
  • Inspire employees to act on business objectives
  • Empowerment and enablement at all levels.

Actionable Service Education

Service education – with new understanding, new ideas and new actions – is the foundation of a superior service culture. Service education across the organization leads to:

  • A common service language and shared understanding of fundamental service principles.
  • Better teamwork and collaboration with everyone seeing the world from the customer’s point of view.
  • Focused action on business objectives by motivated employees
  • A stronger service mindset with genuine belief and sincere motivation to create value for customers and colleagues.
  • New ideas and practical actions across all roles and functions. Everyone can immediately apply what they learn to improve internal and external service.

The 12 Building Blocks

The 12 Building Blocks are categories of culture-building activities that exist in all large organizations. Your activities in the 12 categories must be continuously aligned and improved to build and reinforce a superior service culture. Watch these videos to learn more about the 12 Building Blocks. Uplifting Service provides clients with best practice tools to:

  • Audit the impact of your existing activities in each category.
  • Identify and prioritize new actions to upgrade and improve your activities.
  • Create alignment between your vision, values and objectives with your recruitment, recognition, communication, policies, measurements and role-modelling.

Find out more about the Uplifting Service approach and why it is more effective than customer service training.

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